Manipal Musings

No homesickness to reckon with, no unfamiliar language to battle with; in spite of that an alien in my own habitat! This is how I would describe my initial experience in #Manipal and Manipal Institute of Communication.

Born and brought up in #Udupi, I had led a quiet, suburban life until I joined #MIC, with the extremity of fun until then being frolicking in #Malpe beach or a shopping spree with pals.

So you can imagine my diffidence when I found myself in the midst of a bee-swarm of cool dudes from metros across the country and I must confess, it had made me want to shoot off like a supersonic jet, far away from the battlements of Manipal.

The only weapon I had in hand was my English that ‘I had thought’ was pretty good. And of course I need not give any special confirmation as to how my weak armour of Hindi gave me little protection.

But surprise! I survived it all, that too with 0% injuries. Yessir. It’s no use concealing the fact that Manipal will make a Machiavellian out of you.

A few months into Manipal life and you will be no lesser than Kautilya. Transformation is the only option for a new soul arriving in Manipal. ‘Manipal sastra’ includes every thing from diplomacy and public relations to head hunting and no forgetting the whole chapter on ‘fashion.’

I swear by the name of god, the past three years in Manipal have been a revelation to me- whether it is in basic survival skills (I sure have learnt to long jump potholes) or in bridging the rifts in my knowledge (man…i now know there is a language called Khasi).

The run for marks, battle of bands; evenings in end point, struggle over assignments, tests and projects, picnics and college fests: each have been a world of experience by themselves.

When I look back into the past 3 years I cannot help wondering how much Manipal has changed me. I am now more mature, open-minded and of course an accomplished warrior! Who ever said surviving in a #multiethnic, #multilingual hotchpotch like Manipal was easy?!! Here only the fittest survive.

And the final verdict! Three-years in Manipal and I have been transformed into a new individual! And mind you…no cosmetic surgery involved. ‘Redeemed my soul’ is what I would attribute to the marvel that is Manipal.


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