Where is our Individuality?!

Ever wondered why every grown up you meet, keeps muttering under his/her breath how incompetent and lazy the youth of today are…!

Agreed that now YOU are muttering under your breath…… but just read on.

A few weeks ago I became an unwitting bystander for a hot discussion between two severe looking women in the bus stand at Tiger circle in Manipal. The conversation which had started with complaints of insensitive mannerisms of the present day youth, slowly shifted gears to become a debate on the lack of individuality in the youth of today.

Fingers were pointed, eyebrows puckered and venom was breathed. But after the whole breathless debacle that I witnessed until the bus arrived to ferry the ladies away, I felt a tiny germ of doubt starting to multiply slowly but steadily within my mind. Instead of feeling relieved for the peace that finally descended at the spot, for the first time I started doubting the capacity of my generation to think for ourselves.

For the first time in my life I felt myself agreeing with a showdown of the yester years’ generation criticising the present day youth. I started asking myself, why are we youngsters influenced so easily? Why can any random advertisers hold us in their sway? Worse still how easy is it for rebellious ideologies to take root in our minds?!!!

However much I want to disbelieve it, I keep finding examples to illustrate the sad fact of the youth failing to have individual opinions, either in my own behaviour or in my fellow comrades’.

One such example that keeps flashing before me of late every time I log onto orkut is a systematic but dangerous movement for a separate TULUNADU STATE, which is largely run by the net-literate youth in the Udupi and Mangalore region. Why do we want a tulu state in the 1st place?!

Will a separate state benefit the Tulu language and culture in any way? No. It will only aggravate regionalism and communalism in the state and the country if at all a tulu state is formed out of an area where so many languages, cultures and religions coexist.

Have the youth who propagate this movement forgotten that first and foremost we are all Indians, that it is our responsibility to protect our hard earned freedom and see to it that the country does not go to pieces. And any way the whole idea about a separate state for tulunadu is a political drama with political intentions.

What surprises me most is how easily the movement has re-surfaced stronger than ever, but with one major change- the political figures have now roped in youngsters to man the show. Youth have been exploited to strengthen the whole concept that was stamped out of the region a decade ago. The youth involved largely being in the age group of 15-30- many pursuing higher education in prestigious institutions- are supporting the whole ideology without thinking twice about it.

If you ever ask them whether this is the way to proclaim loyalty to tulunadu these youngsters usually shoot back saying that they are doing this in the better interest of their culture. I am often worried of how vulnerable our generation has become to blindly believe whatever is said by pompous politicians interested only in achieving electoral mileage.

If we cannot differentiate between what is truth and what is vested interest, where has our individuality gone?!!! Can’t we think and decide for ourselves… When will we start questioning the anti-social figures who try to mislead us into following them without second thoughts?!!! Do we want to become tools for these elements to succeed in their unpatriotic, vested interests? Start thinking guys…put on your thinking caps. Question your exploiters. Your questions might help build a strong nation.


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