Chronicles of a so called LoSER!

Change in all things is sweet. ~ Aristotle

He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery. ~ Harold Wilson

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. ~ Author Unknown

The winds of change do not spare anyone ~ Author, obviously ME dude! Can’t you tell by the…ahem…”superior” quality?!

On the occasion of completing 1 year of my professional life, (Sept 15, 09) I can’t help going down memory lane and thinking how life, ambitions and choices change over time!

The things that I had imagined I would grow up to become! Lawyer, politician, journalist, diplomat, academician, writer…. The list is never ending. Every stage of my life signified a shift in ambition on par with the mental turbulences (read craziness) I went through.

But what did I finally grow up to become…?! He he he million dollar question! Just like the exclamation marks I drop in randomly in anything I write, so unexpected is the calling I chose that those who know me from my high school and college days or at least thought they knew me, either bombard me with hysterical why? WhY? WHY’s? or end up splitting their sides laughing.

Coz the girl who always said she would fight the BIG BAD GUYS in whatever profession she chose, is now fighting to fetch publicity for Corporates and private organizations aka the so called ‘Big Bad Guys’ of my innocent days. LOL but the joke does not end here.

I ended up becoming a Public Relations professional!!! Thanks for the applause but there is more to come…!

My ma used to say any job done with dedication deserves respect. Going by that, the dedication with which I do my job is worth a mention especially so when I am hell bent on fetching publicity for a nondescript surgery performed by a health client and I sell it to the media as a remarkably rare surgery and in turn be responsible for luring the poor unsuspecting masses to an atrociously high priced hospital with the promise of quality healthcare (Great! Dear Pallavi, You have just received direct entry to Level 2 of HELL) or when I lie to the media that the story is fresh and exclusive (Wonderful! Welcome to Level 4 of HELL) or when I smart talk and give out selective facts in the name of packaging the story (Excellent! Welcome to Level 6 of HELL) or when I promote an organization as the best in the industry when in reality….( Bomblastic!….Welc ome to level 8 of HELL. You can’t go any lower)!

Well well, so there it goes…the description of 1 year of my professional life.

Jokes apart, Given a chance today to fast rewind this 1 year and go back to Sept, 2008 when I had just stepped out of Graduate school and was disillusioned by missed opportunities, would I chose a different profession?…maybe one of those that figured in my ambition list or rather become a journalist, my ambition of 8 years?

NO WAY! In spite of 1 year of confusion, struggles and loneliness my life is finally back on track and I do not have reason to regret what I chose! I am happy, the people who matter to me are happy.

I have refound faith in the saying- Everything happens for the best. If not for those missed opportunities I would not have set out to explore possibilities, would not have had the adventures or rather mis-adventures I have had in this 1 year, would not have learnt to unlearn….! I now realize that, what I always wanted was not a warm cushy job but something that would throw up regular challenges, make me fight to prove to my circle of Journalist, engineer, academician and lawyer friends and family that there is life outside what they always expected me to become!

So what if they think I am a loser; I am glad I dared to be different and I am enjoying it.

And what about fighting the BIG BAD GUYS do you ask…? Tension illa. After all why worry when I know that (thanks to the media and the PR people behind it) Quick Gun Murugan is finishing my unfinished jobs of thrashing the baddies of the world…so what if in the celluloid world…?! He is doing it all the same…MIND IT!

P.S: Does Hell have only 8 layers??????