Blaah…on a blaah day!

Have you ever been in a situation where you would like to do something just for the heck of doing it??

Well what am I speaking…! Of course there are such blaaah days in the life of every mortal and why should I be a divine exception! Typical Leo mentality of course! (Am trying not very hard to change it!)

Anyways, back to the point, today is one of those blaaah days in my life when I have very little to do other than day dream about a not so near date in the future and grin and shed tears in tune with it. Well not that I am so jobless in life that I can’t find anything to laugh and cry about in ‘real time’ especially the crying part of it! It’s just that I have no immediate/ pressing concerns today that will put my tail on fire and make me run miles at supersonic speed until I fall down panting after I have reached the targets set for the day. (I will dedicate an entire blog one fine day to describe the PR targets if I may use the word and how they set our tails on fire…man I will very soon be sued for my use of language or rather the lack of it!)

So here am I- all the updates sent, mails replied to and my clients temporarily satisfied into the mum mood- added is the advantage that there are no stinker mails that I have received today (except my boss’s of course that too in all CAPS). There is an extended weekend in the offing with the festival of lights set to greet me when I reach home tomorrow (home as in my parental home in my native town, not the cramped rented 1BHK house in Bangalore which is my temporary home in the city).

Life is peaceful today, especially so when my conscience is satisfied with the fact that my weekend will not be wrecked with distress calls from the office/ by my clients with accusations or allegations of work not done. Hell…I have worked my ass off the past few days to get my act up to date.

By the way, why did I start this blog at all?! Oh yes yes I know …for the blaah quotient but why do I recall something about a “doing something for the heck of it”?!!!!! What had I set out to do for the heck of doing?!

Oh right…, I was set to describe how you sometimes feel like writing something just for the sake of writing and how it will make you feel better. Wow…that sounds so decent compared to “doing something for the heck of it”- like say a hot skimpily clad chick in comparison to a salwar /saree clad wife material! Ouch..hold on what am I getting to! I have a real feeling that these blaaah days play on my senses to bring out my creative best if that can be said about my imagination running on offbeat tracks!

Whatever, (By the way what’s so irritating about the ‘whatever’ word?! I heard it recently topped the charts as the most irritating word in a much hyped part of the world. WHATEVER, in continuation with my loyalty to the word and its connotations, I shall continue to liberally use it) the point is that a few of my colleagues who read my previous posts (in the now missing blog!) gave me some astounding praises for my (just above-average) writing skills and encouraged me to start writing more often.

Considering that my writing skills are on the verge of getting rusty (I somehow cannot get myself to consider the drab mails and press releases that I write at work as writing in the true sense) I thought I would as well make use of this blaaah afternoon of this blaaah day to write just for the sake of writing and the joy it gives me. Well how the writing actually turned out is an altogether different matter to be discussed about in another equally blaaah day! Till then…..Yaaawnn&he llip;..!