Yeh Saali Zindagi…!

I am feeling happy. Why do you ask? Well that is how you will feel after a tummy filling and yummy dinner followed by a Gold Flake King supplemented by nerve soothing music and a glimpse of my new pink baby of a laptop… :p

Yehsaalizindagiiii the singer is crooning over the sax. Well that is life isn’t it…?! A bitch of a life! Man proposes God disposes. We make plans, work out the details and life drops a bomb shattering all the plans and with it the dreams to smithereens. And there lies the irony of life. We are only puppets in this great mystery of a life.

Well that is not an excuse for pessimists amongst us to rejoice. All the bitchiness of life considered how can a human being with enough bile in him/her (or as said in south-indish: having eaten uppu-kara) go down without putting up a fight?!

So there my friend is our sorry excuse of a reason to go on with our lives of getting up every day to get ready to bear traffic to get to offices to get ripped by clients/bosses and return home drained!

Ahem ok, I have missed the wide variety of food that can be eaten in the middle of the confusion, the fine and bad specimens of mankind whom we encounter along the way and be-friend/love/hate, the beauty of nature to behold and new thrills to seek!

Okie so life is not so dull after all. The bitch has a heart too :p

P.S: Why is life called a “bitch” and not a dog? Hmmm food for thought and for another post 😀


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