Dance baby Dance

I have never been a good dancer. Forget being good! I am terrified and self-conscious of dancing in public. Being a person who can give applause worthy presentations and even speak on stage, this is a weird phobia. But there it is! Put me in a night club and I will dance away to glory in the dimmed lights. But the moment I am asked to dance in front of spectators, I freeze.

So it came as a surprise to everyone including myself that I dared enrol at SDIPA, the “happening” dance school run by the celebrity choreographer Shiamak Dawar in January this year. Okie I will admit to being a copycat and doing it on cue from my “happening” ex-classmates. But there I was, enrolled for a Beginners Batch at SDIPA and having unstoppable butterflies dancing in my stomach.

The first class was disaster. I rushed to class- late- from a movie, clad in jeans and jacket expecting just an introduction. I had just defaulted on three counts: 1 coming late, 2 un-appropriate dressing and 3 underestimating the type of training. My batch was a mix of 8th graders, homemakers and working professionals like myself. (Sadly no hot guys: one of the reasons I had joined- socialising and dating being high on my list of priorities in the New Year)

Then I got to see the trainers: shapely things in tight slacks and a wiry MJ like guy. The butterflies were at work again. What followed was trauma, fun and one helluva experience all rolled into one sweaty journey of unlearning and learning all over again. If aunties could dance why couldn’t I?!

I overcame: my pride, my inhibitions, my Dodo-like dance steps. Dance can heal I came to realise. A bad day can be set right by dance, an “I feel alive” feeling can wash over you. My days and nights were being filled by dancing dreams.

After 2months at the institute, the jerky movements still remain, but I am learning to enjoy; finding unexplored grace in my body, to sync with team mates. It is a worthwhile experience. So here I am, one shame of a dancer, contemplating joining another batch at SDIPA.For the thrill of it and to give another shot at finding a hot guy!After all life is full of hits and misses isn’t it?;D


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