20 reasons why I LOVE being a GIRL

1.      I have the power to do something that Guys will never be able to do. Well go on scratch your head but you will still be confused. This reason is simple but much ignored, it being:  I can carry a life within myself and give birth to that little innocent life; a thing any guy in the world can’t do.

2.      I have the power to turn heads wherever I go however ugly I look. Because till there are men in this world there will be straying eyeballs. 😀

3.      Life is all about variety and I have variety at my fingertips. Whether it is dress or makeup or accessories, there is always variety. If I wear a salwar kameez one day, I can wear a skirt the next day, followed by a trouser on the third day; a LBD for an evening, a mini for a night out, a sari for a wedding and shorts to the beach.

4.      I have infringed on the boys’ right to wear pants but they haven’t as yet dared to wear a skirt (both connotative and denotative puns intended).

5.      I can get away with mischief. Even when I and my gang of gals broke the classroom window the Principal never for one second suspected us but took to task the poor unsuspecting cricket loving guys near the building. The devil wears Prada you see.

6.      Where there is a cleavage there is a way.

7.      I am born to multitask. As a kid I multitasked with dolls, brother’s cricket and imitating mom coo baby sister to sleep ; today I multitask with a job, friends, shopping, pardeeing and boyfriends; tomorrow I will multitask with a career, housework, husband, kids and hobbies. A thing guys rarely do.

8.      Bored with the long train journey or the wait at the airport and some men in sight? All I have to do is swish my hips, flip my hair and pout and lo I am entertained by the buffoons.

9.      Who has said a smile can’t move mountains?! Leave it to us gals. If we ever find Atlas, we will get him to do that too. If we can move ahead in supermarket queues and get unknown men to carry our groceries with just a smile we can do the mountain part too.

10.   I can wear any colour, sport any hairstyle, do my makeup and accessorize fearlessly without the danger of being tagged with a funny word such as “metrosexual” or being called a peacock! Looking good is my right.

11.  I can always go up to men in a bus, sitting in the so called “ladies seats” and pull them out, but they cannot do the same to me even if I am sitting in the non-ladies seat which must be the “men’s seat”.

12.  I or rather we galz are the rightful owners of chocolates and all things chocolaty in this world. God created chocolate to soothe the female taste bud.

13.  I can dare cuddle a teddy bear or coo a kitten without being called retarded!

14.  I can afford to cry in public without being called a weakling. Letting out the pent up feelings and stress with no fear of reprisal is a boon to enjoy, a boon which guys lose as they grow up from boys to men.

15.  When god created the earth, he threw in a goody for all us girls in the form of a precious element called gold. Gold is a woman’s toy.

16.  I being a girl have the power to melt the toughest and the strongest willed men and give them goose bumps and sleepless nights.

17.  I will always be daddy’s li’l princess at no matter what age.

18.  I will one day go through a ceremony called a marriage, orchestrated to show me off, my clothes and jewels in countless videos and photographs with my husband playing prop. Sigh I don’t exactly like the idea!

19.  I can live through countless hormone changes, blink back my tears and still manage to smile to make my loved ones happy.

20.  I am the epitome of care, affection and sacrifice: a woman

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92 thoughts on “20 reasons why I LOVE being a GIRL

  1. This ones awesome….every girl should be really really proud of these. who called us “the weaker sex”??? i would rather say “the privileged class” 😉

    keep blogging…

    nice post 🙂

  2. Of course, women are privileged lot. And men are not so privileged. So I strongly vote for reservation for men in education, careers, and public life. That is the only way we can make men raise their standards!!

    • Thanks Praveen…Whoever you are, thanks a ton for alerting me. I hadn’t thought Plagiarism was so rampant among Indian bloggers. This lady has just made me realise how bad it really is. Not only has she plagiarised my post but is also claiming that she was right in doing so!

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  4. Dear Pallavispoojary,

    I don’t think IHM plagiarized your post. She has mentioned at the beginning that these points were written by others. If you read her blog, you can see that she is in fact discussing her point of view on what you and others have written. She often discusses and analyses various news items too that are about women. The intention is to understand how people think about women and to overcome common stereotypes that could ultimately be harmful to women. Please do read her blog, you will see that she is not the type to plagiarize.

    • Any content if not referred back to the original author is Plagiarism Nisha..If her intentions were so saintly she would have linked my blog at the outset and not once I raised a hue & cry about it! And FYI not just ‘some points’ were taken from my post…the entire list was copied!! Also just mentioning it is written by others is not enough…you need to give a link to the original blog. If she has done this before and not got pulled up for it, then its sheer luck and from now onwards she better learn the right way of doing things…!

      • She did provide a link woman. It would not have appeared in your trackbacks otherwise. ’nuff said.

      • Pallavi, I think the problem here is the use of the word “plagiarism” when what you mean is “copyright infringement”, they are different. Plagiarism involves passing off someone else work as their own. IHM clearly says that she is discussing the work of others. It is also difficult to imagine that IHM of all people would say these points are hers, because these clearly are the opposite of her view points!

        Now if you are talking about infringing on your copyright, I agree IHM should have linked your blog to show where she found the points she is discussing.

        But I hope you can understand why she didn’t link. If she had (and you can see this happening now that you are linked), the discussion turns away from a discussion about the words and their meaning and the harm it does when we don’t think about it, to a discussion about the person who wrote them. This inability to separate a person from what s/he said is inherent in us Indians. We tend to say “s/he is silly” when we actually should have said “s/he said/did something silly”. I am sure IHM’s only reason for not originally linking was so that people will not come here and start ‘dumb chick’ ing you!

        Please do read her blog, you will see what all the others are talking about. After looking around your blog a bit, I see that you would like her blog and the discussions there too!

        By the way, I certainly do not agree with Ritu and do not appreciate her pulling rank and “stature”. I hope people will not gang up on you. It does not help anyone!

      • Though again I will disagree with you about plagiarism Nisha at last I am happy that someone is pitching their ideas in a sane way. Tkx for that. I have no grudge about her blogs or her as a person. Heck I havent even thought twice about it. I am only trying to tell people what plagiarism really is…you may not realise it but even if with the best of intentions you use somebodyscontent without referring to them, then its proven plagiarism.

  5. You are welcome! More than the fact that it was plagerized, i was appalled at the reaction of the blogger and her readers to a simple, innocent ‘fun facts’ list.

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  7. I am here from IHM’s blog. I personally think that you are trying to make a hue and cry just to get more hits. She was, in her own way, trying to shield you from brick bats. Over the years IHM has made a niche for herself as a fair and impartial blogger of women’s causes. First gain that kind of stature and then make accusations.

    • No Ma’am I am already happy with the niche I have created for myself and the hits it gets (which are in plenty btw). I am protesting the blatant plagiarism & misuse of my content. Any content that is not linked to the original author amounts to plagiarism. If she has gotten away with it till now she has been lucky, its time she learnt the right way of doing things. Good, bad or ugly- content has to be attributed to the original author.

    • Ritu, I have been a long time reader of yours. But I am surprised that you think there is a question of “stature” in blogging and that it is related to how someone sees a particular situation. Are we saying that bloggers who have more followers, get more comments or have been blogging longer are placed higher because someone just started blogging or simply because they are younger? Also, I may be naive but it sounds a little improbable that someone just sits around on the internet waiting for someone else to come along and dissect their post without informing them, so she can “raise a hue and cry and get more hits”. That is just unfair.

      • Thanks Neha..as I see it these so called ‘bloggers with stature’ should be the ones to be setting the example with good accreditation & citation practises.

    • IHM has a great blog and is respected for it.But that doesnt mean, she gains some kind of ‘status’ or ‘rank’ among bloggers. The comment above is highly cliqueish. Please dont bring in such unhealthy attitudes into blogosphere.
      IHM’s intent was honest and right; but Pallavi had every right to be upset for her blog not being referred to in the original article.
      And whatever is happening now–is just plain unfortunate.

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  9. Hi Pallavi,
    I think part of the reason IHM did not link in her original post was to avoid giving you offence. Please read her blog to understand she is not the type that would plagiarise. She does a brilliant job of writing about feminist issues and especially ‘fun facts’ and ‘jokes’ such as these where we don’t realize the stereotypes we buy into. Because these stereotypes are so ingrained within us, we have internalized them already.

    • I don’t know who she is and what she does Harini…am just disgusted with how my post written in jest was kidnapped, taken out of context and criticised for criticism sake. If she claims to have a moral higher ground she should have written some original content about how she is combating stereotypes maybe. That would have been more useful and this entire hue & cry would not have taken place. It makes matters worse that she is not even apologetic of plagiarism, and her readers say she was right. Whatever the content you are rehashing- good, bad, ugly- you need to link the original content or it amounts to plagiarism!

      • I am a long-time reader of IHM’s blog.

        I assure you that the only reason she did not give you credit or link to your blog was so it did not appeare as a personal attack.

        I think she wanted to err on the side of caution and avoid the appearance of you being picked on.

      • And of course she erred! I am increasingly surprised at how everyone is taking plagiarism for granted. Any content, picked & rehashed without giving credit to the original author is Plagiarism. Whatever she was thinking, by not linking my post she created this hullabaloo in a way. But really, I am tired of explaining things!

  10. Hi, Pallavi!

    Came here after the link on IHM’s post. The funny thing is (but for this disagreement), you sound like you might like her blog and its contents. I came here thinking there must be some serious divergent opinions but see that is not the case (from the little reading up I did).

    Nice blog. And a warm hi from a fellow ‘Karnatakan’! 😀

    • Thanks Sangitha whatever her blog’s followers have made me out to be, I am anything but a ‘dumb chick’. People who know me in person have gone as far as nicknaming me ‘firebrand’ coz I fight for my rights every minute, every day. I am proud to be a woman and I am very much aware of stereotypes and what IHM is trying to say. But as I said, my concern here is the way in which people take Plagiarism for granted and how ignorant they are to claim that ‘this was googled’ is accreditation enough. Anyway tkx & keep in touch

      • Well, firebrand you may be, but this particular post had me rolling my eyes and going “God save us from these Bimbo types” (and I followed here link and read your original blog post). And what made me cringe more was the name of the blog – one of my all-time favorite books, and being used by a bimbette blogger? Yeesh.

        It is indeed very reassuring to know that it was written in jest 😀 And I’ll forgive all if you stop the Drama Queen reaction to IHM’s post. She’s apologized, for God’s sake. Are you PMSing or something?

      • I dont know which book you are talking about and I also dont know what makes you call me ‘a bimbette blogger’! Also I do not know when or where she or anyone aplogised. Yes she has grudgingly given the link after I raised the issue but that does not mean she or anyone else has aplogised. And you say I am bitching…God people have been callingme names and ripping apart my blog for 24 hours now and I haven’t even stepped in for God’s sake and not that I can’t but because I won’t! As I had made it clear already I am not objecting to her blog but her failure to cite my blog. But that does not mean I will not answer to the comments on my own blog!! If you think this is drama, God help you!

      • I don’t believe people said anything about your intelligence, it isn’t that kind of a crowd for most part (the regulars definitely aren’t) and IHM isn’t like that. The whole thing was not linked up because it wasn’t to be personal – knowing her, I completely believe that. It would have been nice to know though, if I were you.

        I don’t believe it is plagiarism. I faced something similar – one of my blogposts ended up in a newspaper with credits, word for word. It still wasn’t okay because they didn’t ask for explicit permission to print – I agree with you on the context being a factor, that was my main grouse. If they had taken my post and reviewed it, disagreed with it or otherwise added more content to it than there was before, it wouldn’t have been plagiarism. That’s just their freedom to express their thoughts. It would have been nice to know…in any case, I would have found out even without reading that newspaper (insert blog here).

        Just saying that there’s more to IHM than this, just as I can see there’s much more to you as well. 🙂

      • “Where there is a cleavage there is a way”

        “All I have to do is swish my hips, flip my hair and pout and lo I am entertained by the buffoons”

        These two statements in particular made me think this post was written by a “bimbo type” – after which you clarified that it was written in jest.


        is the book I was talking about. Your blog title plagiarizes the book title, btw.

      • Pity you! If you can take one sentence and dissect it to brand a person to be a bimbette, God help you. And about Color Purple and your atrocious claim of me ‘plagiarising’ the title, maybe you should go to the About section of my blog and see how citation works.

  11. Hey there. Another one from IHM’s post.
    It would’ve been plagiarism if she tried to steal and pass off your ideas as her own, which she didn’t do. She didn’t attribute to the source or link to it, but not once did she try to present your ideas as her own, original ideas. Critiquing another’s content & creation is a time-honored, perfectly acceptable intellectual activity.
    I wouldn’t randomly accuse someone of plagiarism without actually finding out what the charge means.

    • As I have repeatedly said, the very definition of plagiarism implies that just saying ‘I googled it’ is not accreditation. You need to give the original link. The sooner bloggers realise it, the better! As to your finding the other blog interesting- we are all different individuals and its natural to have different viewpoints.

      • Hi Pallavi,

        I’m a regular IHM reader. She’s the last blogger on the planet to copy paste someone else’s work & pass it off as her own. I’m sorry, but accusing her of ‘plagiarism’ is a little melodramatic.
        You say she took your work out of context & that might be true. But please know that you’re also taking her use of some points from your post out of context.
        Honestly, having read her blog for years I can say with full confidence that she did it to avoid making you feel bad about the criticism of your original post.

        Whether that was enough reason not to link to you or not is debatable, but her motives certainly aren’t.


      • She might have had the most noble intentions in the world, but that does not give reason to not cite the original content. And I really don’t know what you mean by “But please know that you’re also taking her use of some points from your post out of context.” My post was published last year and hers yesterday, I really dont know how on earth I could have taken her her use of my points outof context unless I had a time machine.

      • “Representation of someone’s ideas as their own” is plagiarism. IHM can not represent your ideas as well as refute them at the same time. IHM refuted your ideas. So, she couldn’t possibly have represented them. No representation, no plagiarism. The End.
        If you wanted a link to your post, it’s a different story.

      • You know what just refer back to my previous comments…I don’t want to explain the concept of plagiarism to you again! On second thoughts I just might create a crash course for people who have been claiming that lifting someone else’s content without their permission & rehashing it without citation is not plagiarism. The End!

      • I totally get why you’re upset. I really do. There should have been a link back. I also get your point that saying “I googled it is not enough”. True.

        All I’m saying is that unless a writer/blogger falsely gives the impression that they actually ARE the author of something it’s not defined as plagiarism. I’m not trying to deny your reaction or judging you – just referencing a dictionary definition.

        And in any case, no harm done in the end and the mistake was corrected with as much grace and dignity as possible.

  12. Oh, and by the way, read her blog post. She took your tripe and deconstructed the inherent gender normative assumptions and stereotypes. Made for a far better read than the original.

  13. Here from IHM’s– definitely realise why you’re ticked off but I don’t think that was plagiarism by any means. She didn’t give your link out probably b/c a) a lot of people believe and applaud these stereotypes, not just you (as in we’ve all heard these from various sources throughout our lives) and b) she probably thought you’d get your feelings hurt because most readers of the blog would highly disagree with this list.
    I wrote an entry on my blog and linked this post. Do hope that you won’t take it personally b/c you’re not the only one to have described women as the epitome of sacrifice – something I disagree with passionately. I do hope that you don’t feel like you’re being bullied by a bunch of strangers on the net!

    • 1) I dont believe & applaud stereotypes and if you have got that idea its coz my post was dissected out of context. 20 out of the 25 points & the headline was derived from my post (plus the idea for the post too, if you ask me) and the least I would expect is to be cited. 2) I have no problem with anyone disagreeing about the post, my problem with her post was that she had not accredited my content. Btw you need not bother that I am being ‘bullied’ as you put it; I am made up of tougher material than any of you have imagined!

      • This list (forget the dissected post) is pretty stereotypic and seems to revel in reinforcing harmful stereotypes in a seemingly harmless manner. Do you not think that ‘epitome of affection, care, and sacrifice: a woman’ is a stereotype for example? A particularly harmful one at that?

      • Depends how you look at it. If that is ‘an expectation’ from every woman then its sinfully wrong. But on the other hand you look at it as a natural inherent trait in every woman then it would not be wrong. But yes it can be misinterpreted dangerously to imply ‘a norm’ rather than a ‘trait’.

  14. Well, IHM disallowed my comment on her blog just because I supported you. And this is not the first time this happened. Some take this comment space like it is some propaganda warfare.

  15. I think what IHM did was not with intention to plagiarize and whats more your ire I think is because of the points she made in her post and not her failing to link back to you. I agree with IHM’s points and having followed her for sometime I am also sure that her intention was to protect you. Your intentions on the other hand do not seem very noble.

      • Yes. And I see you are making no effort to argue with her in terms of content. She was wrong not to inform you that she had taken up your article for analysis on her blog but all this outrage at plagiarism seems a bit misplaced. Especially when she explained and linked back to you almost immediately.

      • I still don’t understand why can’t her readers let it rest. As you rightly said, she has now linked my blog and the matter has been resolved but the tirade of barbed comments on my blog continues!

  16. Hilariously disgusting and disgustingly hilarious comments on this page.

    “She did it to protect you” – this smacks of every assumed stereotype that you all most certainly get your panties bunched up defending. Who is anybody to assume that the other person is easily offended?

    All of you telling this girl here that the stereotypes were “deconstructed”, please read the post again before as always, frothing at your mouth. She did not mean this post for anybody other than herself. If you cannot respect individuality in whatever form it comes, please burn your Feminist badges and go take a hike. I’d say YOU are easily offended and insecure, if you see hidden preachings in harmless posts.

    PS: Not mentioning anybody’s name specifically to PROTECT YOU and no offence meant, of course.

  17. Pallavi, here’s a word of advice: Since the other blogger isn’t approving any more comments on her blog, you should just stop publishing too and replying or justifying your point of view to everyone. For the abusive ones, just hit delete. This is a troll attack you’ve been targeted with.

      • The strong belief that a well-meaning, popular blogger cannot EVEN ONCE make a mistake. That’s what. So-called feminists asking people whether they are PMSing or have enough stature to complain or whether they are bimbos – that’s how we are changing the world.

        I am so damn angry since yesterday. One, because I have had a similar thing happen to me and I know how that hurts. And two, because these troll attacks where people think one should live by their ideologies – however flawed – has got to stop. Period.

        Please please tell the abusive people to fuck off. Read their comments and if you only see unexplained hatred, do not publish. No better slap in the face than that.

  18. Hi Pallavi! I am a feminist, and have no qualms in saying so. But I think it’s really sad that being a feminist has come to mean being all uptight and humourless and ready to take offence. I do believe that seemingly harmless things go a long way in reinforcing stereotypes, but I also believe that your list is one of those fun and harmless things we all do – really no big deal. The most innocent of actions appear sinister when we view them through feminist glasses.

    First of all, I think it was unecessary to take a light-hearted post out of context, and analyze and dissect it so much. But having done that, I think it was better off when she did not mention you, because I saw the comments on this post, and then I saw your other posts, and it is really sad that people are judging you by one person’s interpretation of one post. Don’t take all of this personally, girl!

    • Also, I don’t think this is plagiarism in any way because she doesnt claim to have written this. Copyright infringement maybe – but not plagiarism. But making her put in a link to your blog has made it almost like defamation because people are judging you unfairly.

      • Oh and am sorry to be going on and on – but some of the comments I am seeing here – people resorting to sexist put-downs like “bimbo type” and “are you PMS-ing” – they are the people claiming to be feminists and reading feminist blogs? Wow.

    • Thanks Madhu…the irony of the situation is they have reduced me-a feminist- to a bimbo on god knows what basis. I never thought one silly post would go as far as this. But it doesn’t effect me, am always open to discussion and yes I still ‘know’ its plagiarism. 🙂

  19. Dear Thumbelina,

    First of all, this is real ballsy of you to use language on someone’s personal post. May I remind you that if you exact same comments had been submitted on IHM’s page, they would not have seen the light of day. Here this girl is bothering to engage you, so you think you can get away with calling her a bimbo or whatever, and you actually think you are making a point.

    “my all-time favourite book title being used by..” – One small thing, you’re a fucking nobody when the world of books is concerned. Nor is any book just “your” favourite. If you pulled your head out of your ass long enough to see that, life would be much more pleasant for you and others who have to share the planet with you.

    “I’ll forgive all if you stop the Drama Queen reaction to IHM’s post” – You might find this very surprising, but it doesn’t look like anybody is waiting around for your forgiveness. It matters a bat’s turd. Really.

    “Are you PMSing?” – What a classic “feminist” thing to say! (NOT). Also, *I* am PMSing bitch, try me!

    “stop bitching about it already.” – My advice to you too. Our thoughts match SO much.

    • Umm, also Thumbelina, your username plagiarizes my favourite cartoon character’s name. But I’ll forgive you all, because you DO sound like a butt-head Disney princess types who bullies people into getting her way.

  20. Interesting to see how Thumbelina who could post twice yesterday hasnt bothered to address the comments to her today..or maybe she did visit this blog and had no answers..I mean how do you justify using words like PMSing and bimbo when you claim to be a feminist fighting gender stereo types??

    Thumbelina- I think you owe Pallavi an apology here..do the decent thing and apologize

    • This is all so fascinating! I’m shocked at the decidedly cruel and anti-woman statements being made by IHM’s usually intelligent and thoughtful readers. PMS? That’s something men typically say when they want to disavow a woman’s feelings and to make her seem crazy when she’s just upset or angry about something that matters to her. Yes, Pallavi (in my opinion) may have overreacted to the use of her post on IHM’s blog, but that’s no reason to target her like this. It’s shameful, really. I’m a feminist too, but like Pallavi, of the ‘third wave’ kind. Some of us like to embrace girliness, however socially constructed it may be. Once we start having fun with certain ‘stereotypes’ and appropriating them to our benefit, they cease to oppress us.

      • I forgot about this post the day after I read it, and only remembered when speaking to a friend about how “evil” I could be when angry. I felt bad about having been rude here, and came to apologize.. and saw the flood of comments here!

        Ok Pallavi, just for the record, I don’t think you are a “bimbo” or an airhead. I did read a couple other posts of yours, and you were anything but. I said the post made me believe that it was written by a “bimbo type” (hair flinging, eyelid batting, and all such) UNTIL you clarified that you wrote the post in jest.

        The PMSing, and ‘bitching’ references were sarcastic – typical “valley girl “speak to match the high-schoolesque post – I was out of line there, and yes, I owe you an apology if my comments came across as harsh. I was extremely angry that an intelligent, well-educated woman would willingly objectify herself, even in jest, given that stereotypes like these are what’s evil in our Indian society. Not a valid excuse for my knee-jerk comments, though.

        I’m sorry to have angered/annoyed you with my comments, Pallavi – you have my unconditional apology.

  21. You konw what Pallavi, someone I hold in high regard referred me to all this Hullabaloo.

    Now you may think I am biased and all but I honestly believe I am not. But what I stumbled upon on the blog of Indian Homemaker was a god awful lot putrefying mucus and dung, and I am talking of both her aping and grovelling swarm of commentators, except Belljarre, who vainly struggled to drive some sense in them. But they were like Morlocks, rapt in their visceral cadaverism.

    Then there is this sidekick her who calls herself a Pheonix. Now, why should I have any problems with that except, the word used to kindle such fond emotions in me. And now I think I can just puke!

    Yours is a harmless fun post rippling with humour and irony and I quite like that. I’d like to borrow the thoughts of Belljarre and say, yes, there are traces of PMS blues in those poison potions.

  22. All I can say about this post is that its sweet, light-hearted, and funny.
    First time here, and again, directed by a blogger friend of mine.

  23. I found this article following the link from IHM’s blog. When I read it in IHM’s blog, it did seem rather shallow and odd that a woman would objectify herself this way. But on a second read here, I realised it is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, not to be taken at face value. The context changed everything.

    I have been reading IHM for the last three days and I really enjoyed that blog, they gave me a (relatively) neutral woman’s perspective of issues I am trying to understand. However, the kind of drama and attacks that a lot of IHM loyalists have created here left me a little concerned. It does appear that IHM and her loyalists have a strong negativity bias and a cult fanatic mentality about their ’cause’. I am no feminist, but the last words I’d have used against a woman I strongly disagree with is something like ‘PMSing’ or ‘bimbo’. Seriously, what happened to civility and courtesy, people?

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  25. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this
    post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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