When the super moon looms

“Is the world coming to an end?” my roommate asked me when I returned home from work today evening. Well this is not how our conversations usually start and I was naturally taken aback. My roomie who is generally disinterested in current events seemed to have been told by our land lady that there was something wrong with the moon and that the world was coming to an end in 2012, the precursor to which would be the Armageddon facing us on this March 19th in the form of the Supermoon.

Now I am not a superstitious person and I am also not a total non-believer in the mystical powers of nature. Some of the disasters that have taken place in the world in the past decade or so, the latest being the 2004 Tsunami and the recent Japan quake, being testimonial enough to what mother nature is capable of doing to punish her wayward kids.

But I could not help being amused by this “something wrong with the moon” theory. It is surprising how the suspense related to the apocalypse will interest even the un-initiated, set tongues wagging and the gossip mills running. So that is how I spent a good one hour this evening explaining to my roomie the significance of the Supermoon, 2012 and the ancient Mayans and Nostradamus.

At the end of it, this lecturing session has left me wondering whether there will actually be some disasters related to the supermoon. Other than some tidal waves will there be any untoward calamities?! Well the tidal waves are scary enough especially as I have my native home in a coastal town and my family lives there, with the sea being just a couple of kilometres away. But will the romantic moon turn into a destroyer?! I do not think so. Well but I am no Nostradamus. I can just hope…especially as I want to be celebrating Holi on the 19th!