That Day of the Year


A day in a year I have for my own

and that is a good thing I was told

A day to celebrate my identity

and to be wished prosperity

by people who don’t otherwise care

and are blind to all my flair

It is that day of the year again,

when loosened are the binds of the chain

A day when posters go up on the wall

and my kind are added to fame’s hall

Stories are written with showers of praise

bestowed on us and the challenges we face

But I tell you, there is not enough reason to celebrate,

unless one day equality does reverberate

For it is not the same as being a man I am told

and the same holds true for the young and the old

History has enough examples you say

as if history has ever been fair play

Quit making rules, I can do it on my own

I have the power to think and don’t need to be told

I will fight, fight to hold my own

Because I am what I am, the power, a woman

I wish you would see that there is more to me

and a day in a year would not suffice you see



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