That Day of the Year


A day in a year I have for my own

and that is a good thing I was told

A day to celebrate my identity

and to be wished prosperity

by people who don’t otherwise care

and are blind to all my flair

It is that day of the year again,

when loosened are the binds of the chain

A day when posters go up on the wall

and my kind are added to fame’s hall

Stories are written with showers of praise

bestowed on us and the challenges we face

But I tell you, there is not enough reason to celebrate,

unless one day equality does reverberate

For it is not the same as being a man I am told

and the same holds true for the young and the old

History has enough examples you say

as if history has ever been fair play

Quit making rules, I can do it on my own

I have the power to think and don’t need to be told

I will fight, fight to hold my own

Because I am what I am, the power, a woman

I wish you would see that there is more to me

and a day in a year would not suffice you see



20 reasons why I LOVE being a GIRL

1.      I have the power to do something that Guys will never be able to do. Well go on scratch your head but you will still be confused. This reason is simple but much ignored, it being:  I can carry a life within myself and give birth to that little innocent life; a thing any guy in the world can’t do.

2.      I have the power to turn heads wherever I go however ugly I look. Because till there are men in this world there will be straying eyeballs. 😀

3.      Life is all about variety and I have variety at my fingertips. Whether it is dress or makeup or accessories, there is always variety. If I wear a salwar kameez one day, I can wear a skirt the next day, followed by a trouser on the third day; a LBD for an evening, a mini for a night out, a sari for a wedding and shorts to the beach.

4.      I have infringed on the boys’ right to wear pants but they haven’t as yet dared to wear a skirt (both connotative and denotative puns intended).

5.      I can get away with mischief. Even when I and my gang of gals broke the classroom window the Principal never for one second suspected us but took to task the poor unsuspecting cricket loving guys near the building. The devil wears Prada you see.

6.      Where there is a cleavage there is a way.

7.      I am born to multitask. As a kid I multitasked with dolls, brother’s cricket and imitating mom coo baby sister to sleep ; today I multitask with a job, friends, shopping, pardeeing and boyfriends; tomorrow I will multitask with a career, housework, husband, kids and hobbies. A thing guys rarely do.

8.      Bored with the long train journey or the wait at the airport and some men in sight? All I have to do is swish my hips, flip my hair and pout and lo I am entertained by the buffoons.

9.      Who has said a smile can’t move mountains?! Leave it to us gals. If we ever find Atlas, we will get him to do that too. If we can move ahead in supermarket queues and get unknown men to carry our groceries with just a smile we can do the mountain part too.

10.   I can wear any colour, sport any hairstyle, do my makeup and accessorize fearlessly without the danger of being tagged with a funny word such as “metrosexual” or being called a peacock! Looking good is my right.

11.  I can always go up to men in a bus, sitting in the so called “ladies seats” and pull them out, but they cannot do the same to me even if I am sitting in the non-ladies seat which must be the “men’s seat”.

12.  I or rather we galz are the rightful owners of chocolates and all things chocolaty in this world. God created chocolate to soothe the female taste bud.

13.  I can dare cuddle a teddy bear or coo a kitten without being called retarded!

14.  I can afford to cry in public without being called a weakling. Letting out the pent up feelings and stress with no fear of reprisal is a boon to enjoy, a boon which guys lose as they grow up from boys to men.

15.  When god created the earth, he threw in a goody for all us girls in the form of a precious element called gold. Gold is a woman’s toy.

16.  I being a girl have the power to melt the toughest and the strongest willed men and give them goose bumps and sleepless nights.

17.  I will always be daddy’s li’l princess at no matter what age.

18.  I will one day go through a ceremony called a marriage, orchestrated to show me off, my clothes and jewels in countless videos and photographs with my husband playing prop. Sigh I don’t exactly like the idea!

19.  I can live through countless hormone changes, blink back my tears and still manage to smile to make my loved ones happy.

20.  I am the epitome of care, affection and sacrifice: a woman

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