India at the London Olympics

London 2012 has been the best Olympics ever for India. With a total of six medals – two silver and four bronze – India has put its best foot forward this Olympics. Why am I, a non-sports enthusiast blogging about this? Well, this last week has been a very proud one for me.  As an Indian student in London I have had some very special moments this Games when my country bettered its records and gave me a reason to walk with my head held high.

Biggest ever Indian contingent at the Olympics 2012

I have seen the stupendous support and sponsorship that the British home team has received in the lead up to ‘the Games’ as it is called here. In addition to the world class training facilities, this kind of support and fanfare has gone a long way in ensuring success for the team. When I juxtapose this with the kind of luke-warm response India gives for any sport other than cricket, it doubles the respect I have for the Indian athletes who pursued and gave their best shot at various non-cricket sports. These athletes who are pretty much overshadowed by the cricket craze gripping India making it neglect its own national game, have given me a reason to stop and think what cricket and its commercialisation has done to Indian sports! A couple of articles I found that voice my thoughts on the subject.  Cricket, Cricket, Cricket! Why? , How cricket has killed other forms of sport , Why Just Cricket?

This post is a dedication to all those athletes who represented India at the Olympic Games and the six who won even in the face of inconsistent judging and bias.

Gagan Narang_Men’s 10m Air rifle bronze medallist

Mary Kom_Women’s 51 Kg boxing Bronze medallist

Vijaykumar_Men’s 25m rapid fire silver medallist

Saina Nehwal_Badminton Women’s singles Bronze medallist

Yogeshwar Dutt_Men’s 60kg Freestyle wrestling Bronze medallist

Sushil Kumar_Men’s 66 Kg Freestyle wrestling silver medallist

And a pic of the cute little mascots, Wenlock & Mandeville in Diary milk chocolate to celebrate the victory 😀 (and they tasted yum).

Wenlock & Mandeville

It has been an amazing experience to be here in London during the Games and watch the lead up to it and the whole event up close and personal. When I made the decision to take a year and a half of sabbatical from work and move to the UK for a Writing degree this was something I had not considered but now that I have seen the Games in its entirety, I can only say Woah… What an experience! 🙂 I was lucky to have been in the right place at the right time. 🙂


6 thoughts on “India at the London Olympics

  1. hmmm Well I dont want to be a spoilsport but I dont think this olympic has been the best so far, yeah maybe we got more medals but did not get any gold..

    Moreover a medal was luck in badminton, the chinece player got injured , although I am happy we got one ..

    in hockey we lost every game and are on 12th position, Boxing too we lost all matches .. The only good thing as far as I am is the wrestling the two boys did good a bronze and a silver well done to the two ..

    The best medal was the BOxing one by the daring Mary KOm, My full appreciation to her, she fought bravely , I saw that match …

    I think out country needs to wake up from sleep and call what is wrong as WRONG , a small country like UK and JAmaica look how well they did ..

    sorry if I sound as if i am ranting

    • You are not ranting but a couple of points I would disagree on, like saying Saina Nehwal won purely by luck. 🙂 If the Chinese player got injured that’s coz Saina built up that kind of pressure in the court. Well yeah, we did not get a gold medal but the number of medals won are far greater than ever. And Hockey…well God help Indian hockey if we don’t wake up to the fact that Cricket has swallowed up all other sports.

      • Well I beg to differ here again , sorry , the Chinese girl was one set up and leading in second set too , If i am not wrong. Moreover lets forget Saina is indian and just concentrate on her as a sportwoman, she is supposed to be world champ, having won all the competitions , she should have been fighting the gold-silver medal , ( i would have thought) ..

        But again I dont take anything from the young girl, she fought hard and a BIT OF LUCK is also necessary to win 🙂

        cricket needs to be banned in our country to make other sports worthwhile.. cricket has destroyed it all..

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